As you probably know centaurs are based in greek mythology and boy are they fun with their tales of how things came to be. 

The legend of how the centaurs came to be…

A group of people called the Lapiths lived peacefully in the region of Thessaly back in these ancient grecian times. Their king Ixion worshiped the Greek gods like all others of that time. However, in his worship he became smitten with the goddess Hera. The wife of Zeus.

Zeus wasn’t pleased and decided instead of smiting Ixion to trick him. He carried out his trickery in the form of giving a cloud life, naming her Nephele and making her so that she looked like Hera herself. 

Ixion not knowing of Zeus’s trickery and infatuated by the love of Hera knew no difference and consummated his love to the cloud lady, Nephele, thinking all the while that it was Hera. Nephele got pregnant and after nine months a deformed baby by the name of Centaurus. 

Centaurus was cast out of the kingdom and roamed the wilds of Thessaly, mating with the mares of the region and thus forming the centaurs as we know them.

This is but one way the Greek myths of centaurs came about. The other, even though not as tragic, makes more sense.

Thessaly had a reputation for having barbarians as it was out of the influence of Greek city states such as Athens, where the Greeks formed urban civilizations. Thessaly’s occupants were migratory and relied on domesticated horses to hunt. These riders were so intune with their horses that they were said to be one with them and were mistaken as mythical creatures… The centaurs.

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