The Story of the Glitch

“Wanna write a LitRPG Comedy with me?” These were the words that lead to a wonderful partnership and intense friendship with Nolan Locke, nerd extraordinaire. He’s not exactly a people person, doesn’t like social settings, but when it comes to books he is a like this magical butterfly, flitting about everywhere in the industry, lighting up over covers, audio, text and even (ugh) editing. Dude is an award-winning author, and he decided to write a series with me! I said yes and plans were drawn.

It was an epic plan. A pyramid of novels. 4 books ones that would introduce the villains and heroes. 3 book twos that would start seeing these character run into each other. 2 book threes that would have epic showdowns. A last book four that would reveal the fate of the remaining characters . . . as well as the world.

It was an ambitious plan. But the elements were all there. The setting was a future Earth in which there exists a nanotechnology game park named Prestige Gaming. Its just a few years in operation but already holds 12 different genres of game world, all nanotech augmented reality, all worlds in which you can be transformed into something else, fly, cast magic, do whatever it is that you always wanted to do in real life within the grounds of the massive park complex. The games are a level system with abilities and powers, the sort of thing that no gamer in their right mind would want to miss.

We ran into a problem though. We decided to go for sophomoric humor. Dad jokes. The sort of stuff that makes people blush. The kind of jokes that you tell your buddies out in the field while running an observation post, or when hunting with your buds during deer season. And, to us, it was hilarious. But to the community at large it was a mixed bag. One that seemed to have us writing to ourselves by books three and four.

However, let me say this. I love this series. Absolutely love it. I got depressed when I had to leave it. I want to see it end. I want to know what happens.

And, with enough finance, maybe I can. Friends, family, countrymen, hear my cry! Well, no, nothing that dramatic. No big speeches. But I really want to get these books out to however many people I can and find their audience, people who love this genre of humor and can’t get enough of nanotech Westworld-like SciFi. I want to be able to afford to keep this going.

Damn. Straight and to the point haha. Kinda thought I might be a bit more flowery about it. But there it is. I have put up all of the books into a single omnibus that I am offering at a $3 discount on preorder in the hopes to get all of you to love that story that I am so into. The story of two nerds getting together to write crazy stupid-funny scifi comedy action litrpg so full of prospective heroes and villains that you can’t help but stop and make up a few of your own. It’s here and it is ready for you. Just give it a try, Glitch, Please!

We also have a patreon at if you want to come on over and help us out with making the series. There’s lot of stuff there already that you can dig through and have some fun with, and if you are game for it we’d love to do some contests and just some fun hangout stuff there as well.

Thanks for reading everybody and have a great one!

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