Who is this Free Guy Guy?

My favorite scene in Free Guy is the bridge scene. I’m sure that a lot of people can relate to it. It feels like our shared universal attempts at our individual dreams, moving beyond the peon and actually being someone that people know and want to talk to.

But who are the movers in this scene? Ryan Reynolds? His desperate run to the song is definitely a part of the scene, as is Utkarsh Ambudkar smashing servers in cuts during the run. There is also, of course, the desperate flight of the in-game npcs from absolute annihilation and the presumed sacrifice of Lil Rel Howery at the bridge.

But, for me, the one man who really set this scene up for me was this guy. And I don’t know who he is.

Ack. I might have caught him a smidgeon before he was acting. But damn does he get apt and tearful fast because everytime I see him in the scene it is his stringent and soulful look, pulled-in eyes included, that finally set me off. This man here tugs at my heart and throws me from a state of caring because of the movie to caring because he cares so damn much. The rest of the watchers very much pale in comparison.

And I am shocked by it. Especially now that I have this off still. Because that suggests amazing skill.

Alright. Maybe that is just how he looks on a still. Still, that guy really made the scene for me. I hope he gets a lot of opportunities at larger roles in the future!

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