Jack Frost.

It’s been cold here. Well, not as cold as usual which had me thinking that ole Jack Frost hasn’t really been seen this winter. Those of you not familiar with Jack Frost read on…

Jack Frost is a variant of old man winter. A supernatural being who is held responsible for the frost on the ground, the reason your toes and fingers hurt and the reason autumn is such vibrant colors. But apart from him painting the leaves in vibrant colors we haven’t seen much of his frosty nature…

His tales originate with Anglo-saxon and Norse winter customs.

Although the media has depicted him as mostly a villain, and sometimes a good guy, I do like the way the frost leaves the air crisp and clean. The best known tale of Jack Frost, recently has to be the film: Rise of The Guardians.

An interesting little tale that depicts Jack Frost as someone who was frozen in a pond and awakens with amnesia. There he finds no one can see or hear him, and disappears. He comes back as the spirit of winter giving snow days to the children. Something which I loved in my own childhood.

Sledding down a small hill that adjoined our back garden over and over again, not caring how cold it was and only coming in when we were hungry and needed hot chocolate.

I hope one day, Jack Frost returns with some frosty weather. 

Thanks for reading,


P.s Find a link to the elements series here, where there are more supernatural creatures inside. 

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