You Would Enjoy a LitRPG Anthology, Right? by JF Danskin

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The perfect way to sample a growing genre.

Fantasy, sci-fi, and LitRPG are characterized by a lot of very long series — some with 10 books or more.

Even for keen readers, it takes a long time to get to know a genre if you read one book at a time — even more so if you read an entire series at a time! You could be reading a single author’s work for weeks, and not realizing what else is out there…

A sampler or anthology can be a great way to get around this issue. It’s a way to dive into different stories, worlds and writing styles, and to connect with multiple top authors.

In short, it’s a great way to avoid missing out!

So I wanted to tell you about an anthology that’s just been released. It contains stories by 11 exciting LitRPG authors. And what’s more, it’s permanently free!

The anthology is titled “Git Gud”—a gamer term to (light-heartedly) encourage players to improve their skill. It feels very appropriate for a genre that is all about levelling up…

“Crunch, bite, slash, and get your game on.”

Cover for Git Gud. Find the book here!

Each of the 11 stories is set in the author’s own imaginative world, and they show the diversity of the LitRPG genre — fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk, LitFPS, and everything in between.

Here’s a run down of the content:

And yes, that’s my story among those stellar names!!

Intrigued? Here is the book blurb:

Crunch, bite, slash, and get your game on.

Join us for these short adventures into ever-expanding worlds from some of LitRPG’s brightest and most innovative. Let these tales take you from sci-fi worlds full of wonder to fantasy landscapes where nothing is quite as it seems… Ponder what is real and what isn’t. Find yourself out of time and space, and most important — don’t forget to give the dog all the pets, because there’s more at stake than anyone realizes…

Seriously, all the pets.

Yes — there are a lot of animals in the stories! There are several in my own story “Meanwhile, the NPCs…”, including Alcar’s faithful bloodhound, Brutus (read more about Alcar and Brutus here).

I hope you take the time to check out the Git Gud anthology — remember, it’s completely free — and to recommend it to other lovers of fantasy and sci-fi stories.

You can find it here.

And please let us know if you’d like to see Git Gud volume 2!

I am an author of LitRPG and historical fantasy. I have written VR-based fantasy novels and stories set around a game called ‘Shadow Kingdoms’, the game-world that features in my anthology story. I am have also written a series called Sparta Online, a LitRPG story set in ancient Greece, and a linked web-novel, ‘The Tooth and Claw Guild’ — a classic fantasy LitRPG with some real twists.

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Thanks for the read everyone and have a great week!

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