Movie Review of The Intern by David

THE INTERN is a buddy comedy drama film about a story between a 70-year-old man named Ben who retired from the company, and a 30-year-old young woman named Jules who founded a start-up fashion company and led the company to a huge success. 

Ben finds that retirement doesn’t agree with him. So he wishes to get back out there and do some work. By chance he happens to find an ad by Jules who is looking for an intern.

So Ben was hired as an eldery intern. At first Jules didn’t think she needed an intern. But gradually Ben’s kindness, niceness, life experience and work experience satisfied her. So she finally opened her mind and started to reveal her troubles and get advice. 

Thanks to Ben’s advice, she let herself relax in her family, her job and all of her life.

Overall ★X4.5

Style ★X5

Story ★X4.5

Cinematography ★X3.5

Characters ★X5

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