The Boogeyman

I don’t know if you remember stories of the Boogeyman who would come in at night and snatch you away from your home, but I do. You see the Boogeyman was an adult tale told to children to get them to behave. Not that I ever needed to be told, being an angel and all that… haha.

But he never really had a form. Even the tales told by many often get him to look very different from one another. My mother just described him as a monster of a man who came out at night and there are various other impressions of children being told this exact same thing when they were younger. A very vague description of him indeed.

Although the exact origins of the boogeyman aren’t known, he is said to have come about around the 16th century. But while his origin is unknown the boogeyman is a universal supernatural. He appears in many countries in slightly various descriptions of being a monster of a man, sometimes with a sack to carry children and others he dishes out punishments.

My mother’s tale was always told in the daylight. Whenever we had been excruciatingly bickery that day she would come to us and say in her very quiet voice. The one normally reserved for when she was very cross at us. In that voice she would say that the Boogeyman would come that night if we didn’t play nice and get along. 

In response we would ask, “how would he get here?”

“Magic,” was all my mother would reply in a voice that beckoned no argument. Being small children at the time we nodded to each other and promised her we would get along. Even if it was only for ten minutes…

So of course there are many various films and books that surround this elusive supernatural. There was also a wrestler who named himself after this creepy creature, keeping the boogeyman safely in everyone’s nightmares.

Hope you enjoyed this little read.


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