Movie Review – Hacksaw Ridge by David

HACKSAW RIDGE is a biographical war film about Desmond Doss who refused to carry a gun for religious reasons. 

There were two big events in his life. One happened when he was young, Doss fought with his young brother and nearly killed him. Also his father was an alcoholic. One night, his father threatened his mother with a gun and Desmond defended his mother, almost killing his father. These two events reinforced his religious belief and he decided not to hold a gun for all of his life. 

After the Pearl Harbor attack, Doss volunteered for the army as a medic. At first, in basic military training, he faced various problems with bosses and fellows because he did not hold a gun. So he was brought to military court for insubordination and finally, Doss was recognized as a conscientious objector.

Completing basic military training, Doss’ unit was deployed in combat at Hacksaw Ridge. In several battles, Doss’ fellows were left injured in the battlefield. Doss risked his life to rescue them. All night, using rope, he lowered injured soldiers out of the battlefield to the base of the ridge.

Thanks to Doss’ effort, the U.S army won the battle and recaptured the ridge. 

Previous to this battle, he was an outcast in his unit. But his heroics won him the admiration and friendship of his fellow soldiers, and Doss was awarded the Medal of Honor getting recognition for his contribution.

Overall ★X4.5

Style ★X5

Story ★X5 (Don’t forget it’s a true story.)

Cinematography ★X4Characters ★X4

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