Black Dogs

Is a supernatural or demonic being originating from the british isles. Having said that It has been seen throughout Europe and the Americas, with tall tales following it about. Each one creepier than the next.

The Black Dogs are said to be larger than even the largest dog, which is the irish wolfhound that stands around 7ft on its two back paws, or a minimum of 31 inches at the shoulder. It is as the name describes it to be black. As black as the darkest nights, with no light to be seen and glowing red or yellow eyes.

Certainly such a sight would send goosebumps along one’s flesh.

The dog appears to be an omen of death, appearing at crossroads, electrical storms, barrows ( fairy dog), places of execution and along ancient pathways.

Although most black dogs have been said to be malevolent and harmful, there are a few of them who aren’t. They are said to guide travelers along paths and protect them from danger.

Very conflicting indeed.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


P.s. Links to books 1-4 of the Elements series are here.

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