Yesterday — A Movie Review by David

YESTERDAY is a 2019 romantic comedy film starring Himesh Patel, Lily James and Ed Sheeran. It contains a story that people all over the world don’t remember about the Beatles except Jack Malik (played by Himesh Patel).

Jack is a third rate singer-songwriter from Lowestoft. His manager Ellie is a childhood friend of Jack and always encourages him not to give up his dream as a singer. 

One day a seconds-long black-out occurred and the city was out of power. Without street lamps, Jack was biking in the temporary darkness. A bus driver couldn’t see him and he was hit. After the accident, his friends don’t ever remember the song ‘yesterday’. And he recognized some things(including the Beatles, Coke, etc.) are gone. People all over the world don’t know about them. 

So what happens next? Warning: Spoilers ahead!






Don’t read ahead if you don’t want this to be spoiled!






He started to perform using songs of the Beatles.

This movie perfectly expresses the alternative reality of what happens if all the people but one don’t remember the Beatles. It’s a fun concept — who hasn’t ever wondered about what they could do if they had the work of some famous person to themselves before the famous person could put it into the world. Like in Hot Tub Time Machine, how one of the main characters stays behind in the past and uses all of his memories to make all of the things that were famous before he went back. However, this film is a little more nuanced.

Its sound tracks are perfect because they’re the Beatles’ songs, covered by Himesh Patel. The script is satisfying though its subject is hard to handle. Some say that the Beatles are not very important, so why have a movie about them? But this is not a biographical film.They have to remember it’s based on the world without the Beatles.

So I’ll give it

Overall ★X4.5

Style ★X5

Story ★X5

Cinematography ★X4

Characters ★X4

(Songs ★X∞) Yeah, that’s right, infinity because the Beatles are awesome!

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