The Dragon of Mordiford

There was once a small girl who wished with all her heart for her own pet. Many children in the village had pets from dogs to cats to pigs, and Maud felt left out. Muad out of frustration wandered the forest one day despite being told not to. That it was magical.

There she came across pieces of shell and a small light green creature with translucent wings that was no bigger than a tiny puppy. She decided to take it home.
Her mother and father knew immediately that the creature was a wyvern and told her to take it back or the village would be in trouble.

Instead of taking it back Maud hid the baby dragon. She fed and played with it and it grew and grew under her loving care. But the Dragon who was now huge could no longer be sated with just milk and craved something more. Meat.

The dragon saw all the villagers and their animals as prey and when Maud wasn’t there to soothe him by rubbing his claws and giving him hugs the dragon would hunt. Sneaking into the middle of the night and taking the prey for himself, whether it be human or animal it did not care.

The townspeople growing desperate asked for help. It came in the form of a shining night named garston. He in his full set of armor went out and slayed the beast, avoiding its raging fires he plunged his lance through the dragon’s throat and killed Maud’s pet.

Maud, grief stricken, lay down beside the dragon cuddling into it and mourned the death of her pet.

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