Memes of the Day! 6/04/2022

Hey there and welcome to our new fun feature, memes of the day! Just memes we run into in our daily lives that make us chuckle. Come take a look and brighten your day!

  1. The Hordes You Don’t Hear About

2. Revel in the ease and joy of bikini armor

(We are looking to see where this comic came from. Can someone tell us in the comments?)

3. Beware The Minotaur!

4. Q is pimping for Skillshare

5. Do-over for your car (Honestly a well-needed feature lol)

I hope that you enjoyed! If anything here is uncredited and you know their source, please message us or tell us in the comments so we can tell people where to go to find more.

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Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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