Darklands Online Filled With Peril, Danger, Claims One Distraught Teen

Online, Darklands – Sally Sommerman thought she’d finally found a place to relax. Tremendously realistic settings so crisp that she could taste the air.

Little did she know that carnage would soon ensue.

“I showed up in the game and immediately asked around town about where I might chill, ya know. Put my feet up. Just listen to nature and get away from my mom.”

She was given a location. A pristine place. Sylvan light filled the glade. White berries shined from deep green bushes while animals danced along the periphery. She said it was a dream come true.

But the dream soon became a nightmare.

“The people in town had lied to me! I didn’t know that NPCs can lie.”

The ground upon which she lie, indeed, the whole place itself had been an elaborate trap. Just as she fell asleep, the ground opened up, and she fell into a nest. One filled with webs and giant spiders.

“Oh my god, yuck yuck yuck, that was so horrible. They kept biting me and I kept getting more and more poison debuffs on my status. I screamed so hard that my mom pulled me out of the game.”

Darklands Online has declined comment on Sally’s account of the game, simply noting that “experiences may vary.”

This has been Damien Hanson reporting.

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