Introducing to the LitRPG Community: David Lingard (Welcome to Eden)

The book is called “Welcome to Eden”, and is a LitRPG Fantasy set in a VR world run by a sentient AI.

There’s just one problem — once William entered his pod to test the game, he soon found himself unable to log out again. The AI that created the game world along with its lush and vibrant history had been placed in a difficult situation, either trap William and jostle him into helping her eradicate the threat to her world, or let him go and risk consequences that would rock both worlds, virtual or not.

Teaming up with a group of elven prisoners and their Chief Jailor, William and his party must fight for their very lives against unsurmountable odds and terrifying eight-legged oppressors.

The enemy though, may not be all they seem to be.

Welcome to Eden contains stat pages, inventories, world-building, levelling, skills, magic and battles. Also, there are NO HAREMS or adult scenes!

Welcome to Eden is available on Amazon at

Happy Wednesday peeps and thanks for reading!

Published by Damien Lee Hanson

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