BuyMort Brief #2

Chipotay Foods Announces End of Subcontractor Negotiations

Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

Ricard Ademe, CEO of Chipotay Foods and Favored Son of the Church of BuyMort, announced today that Chipotay has agreed to cease negotiations with the farmers of Reddick V following the untimely demise of half the population to a sudden rise of epidemic.

“While their pay demands were unreasonable, all of us at Chipotay Foods can sympathize with the folk dealing with such a sudden and deadly disease. We have pulled out all security forces in the interim, and have agreed to supply surviving farmers with free medical supplies in exchange for an end to their horrific strike.”

BuyMort Stock prices rose dramatically after the statement, leaving Chipotay Foods at a staggering 1,435,000 morties a share by the end of the day.

When asked about the farm forces former demands, Ademe noted that “The farmers on Reddick V already receive more than most of the farmers on our other planetary holdings. What entitles them to so much more than other workers who are doing the same damn thing?”

The surprise virus is expected to be the result of rolling land battles between farmer and affiliate forces, starting on Agar 25th local calendar and lasting until a brief ceasefire on Siltar 2nd with the fissile annihilation of the farmer stronghold at New Euravia. The hostile negotiations began again, in earnest, on the 10th, lasting only a week before plague swept the globe.

Scorp Boarig, one of the surviving leaders of the farmers’ negotiation team, said in a statement that the farmers are pleased to have resolved the matter.

“We got too big for our britches, and we wuz selfish. It took way too many deaths for us to learn, but now we know. Chipotay Foods is good to us, gives us morties and a place to sleep at night. There ain’t no reason to fight ’em no more,” Boatwright said.

This has been Tracy Mills, reporting.

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