BuyMort Brief #3

Monopolies Must Go!” Planet Subdued After a Decade of Defying BuyMort

Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

A decade ago today, Day One for their civilization, commuters leaving Capitar Hli on the planet Gandus III would have been greeted with a high tech light show projecting a message cast onto buildings: “No to Monopolies.”

Today, where there had been such life, there lies nothing more than a darkened and starving shadow of its former self.

The cause? Unholy thoughts and a rejection of the will of BuyMort.

“You see, some few planets, when they ascend to BuyMort on Day One, they band together. Figure out what is happening. Then decide, as unbelievable as it may sound, to resist the marketplace. To go off the grid, so to speak, and to survive completely on their own within their systems of old,” said Dearth Scientist Quo Regim.

“And some few can, for a while. But the lure of ultra cheap shopping delivered in minutes with a catalog best described as infinite is too large a temptation to resist for long. “

And for Gandus III, the people went too far.

“I didn’t believe it when I first heard it. A people receiving BuyMort — and then uniting together to form their own marketplace? Who would do such a thing?”

The planet, in a very public display of anti-BuyMort sentiment, encouraged all sapient beings to reject BuyMort and instead use their own fledgling currency and service to resist against its advances.

“It was a beautiful effort,” said Venus Alpha resident Tracy Grimes. “I think they had a first good month. But their currency didn’t buy what morties could. And they didn’t have nearly as wide a selection.”

The stubborn Gandites held out, standing fast within their self-contained market. Then the Church of BuyMort got involved.

“There were people being executed for attempting to use the system,” BuyMort ArchCleric Ryss Slythmore explained. “There were people being executed for trying to leave the planet. The people of Gandus were hurting themselves, and measures had to be taken.”

The subsequent liberation of Gandus has brought BuyMort’s love and freedom to billions, but the battles were not without cost. Still, the Gandites are not without hope.

“Now that I have access to anything I want whenever I want it, I can be who I want and how I want,” stated exuberant youngster Din Hensani. “I mean, that other system was all about saluting flags and remembering our culture. Screw that. I want a 6-Dimensional Gaming Console!”

This has been Tracy Mills, reporting.

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