BuyMort Brief #8

Albque Unlimited Fires Come to an End. Billions of Morties Lost
Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

Albque Unlimited, Nematen, Ghoris System – More than four grueling months and 300 billion morties later, Albque Unlimited has declared the largest wildfire in Nematen’s recorded history to have been contained.

“This is the start to a productive return to profits and industry. A lot of people have died and suffered in this conflagration and we look forward to us returning to a positive income schedule,” stated Affiliate spokesman Ricardo Gensis. “A lot of our former workforce were sent to Storage, a number of those who refused to go there instead stayed and died fighting the blaze. We’ve got a lot of hiring to do in what will hopefully be a fruitful and powerful recovery of our affiliate fortunes.”

The exact reason for the blaze is unknown, but it has been speculated to have been caused by worker families using faulty coal furnaces to heat their homes.

“These workers, they aren’t so bright, so they go for the cheap stuff. Like coal. It’s not good for your health and the devices they burn it in aren’t too safe neither. But the dumb lunkheads do it anyways,” said Foreman Jorges Witney in an interview with NewsCom. “They ain’t never gonna learn neither. Just a matter of time before the fires start again.”

Billions of morties were lost in the fight to contain the conflagration. Collateral damage is thought to number in thousands of homes and tens of thousands of workers.

Affiliate officials say that forbidding the workers from heating their homes may be the only way to avoid future conflagrations.

“It’s ten to a hut, fifty to a family home. I see no reason that the workers need extraneous heating when they can simply huddle together into piles when they sleep,” Affiliate Executive Joe Amster stated. “To be honest, I’m surprised none of them thought of this solution before.”

Santa Manass, Albque Security Cheif and Personnel Manager, noted that her team have been working nonstop since the first plumes of smoke began rising from the Sangre-Si Living Compounds. “The first week was devoted to saving fabricators and manufacturing equipment. The blaze was intense, and we were assaulted a few times by crazed workers demanding our assistance. But we got to them right after. Dummies gotta understand, without a bottom line we don’t got an affiliate. And without an affiliate we all might as well live in Storage. A lot of people died in that first week, but we evacuated tens of thousands more out from the compounds and even saved some rogue village of BuyMort holdouts that we found in the mountains right before the blaze got there. We’ll process them and get them into the system soon.”

In the aftermath of the blaze, remaining residents have noted that they are not at all out of the woods yet.

“The dams burned out, so now we gotta watch for flooding. And all of that water is contaminated with chemicals from the fire, so now we gotta buy tablets to drink and use it. This is a nightmare. But I trust in Albque. I will not put myself through Storage,” said work resident Ashley Kevins. “Never again.”

In all, surveyors report more than 25,000 square kilometers were burned totally since the start of the blaze.

This has been Tracy Mills, reporting.

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