BuyMort Brief #10

Monnarth V Faces Unrest as Local “Government” Attempts to Crackdown on Unmonitored BuyMort Sales
Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

Monnarth has taken steps to outlaw so-called dark stores – stores that do business with BuyMort while not reporting their sales to the local government or authorities and thereby avoiding tax.

“Taxation is theft,” stated an anonymous shop owner. “If other people want roads, hospitals, soldiers and all of that jazz they should cultivate, sell their shit to BuyMort, then buy those things themselves. I owe nothing to no one.”

Faced by growing protests from local people as well as city authorities, President Manny Mancron’s government has decreed that any stores found selling without reporting will be destroyed, along with the denizens within.

“I understand the sentiment,” stated Mancron in an interview with news media. “But it is simply not a realistic solution. Look at how violent and tortured the multiverse is. Look how the many many planets that did not retain governments have gone. I state strongly and proudly that mandatory cohesive sharing of a portion of our revenues is necessary to not only protect ourselves, but to stay strong as a people as well. “

But not all residents agree with Mancron — and disagreement is getting violent.

“With BuyMort I can have anything I want so long as I have the morties to afford it. So it is simple, if you work you get what you need. Boom. No need for some government middleman to take my morties from me.”

One such demonstration turned into a riot, with citizens of the planetary union storming the capital building and pledging to murder the government figures within.

“Taxation is Theft!” one bloody sign read, trampled into the dirt. “Stop Aggressing My Wallet,” read another.

Government officials – who spent billions of morties to safeguard the planet against predatory extra-terrestrial firms and wealthy space barons – are worried that the new threat from “non-taxation” will sound the final end to national unity and create the common multiversal trend of a “atomised” society of solitary consumers.

“I can’t sleep any more,” said Sanmirna, a supporter of the planetary government. “I fear that one day I will open my door to a man with a gun, and he will take my MortBlock from my dead and broken body.”has launched a petition against a “dark store” in her building in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.”

“The youth, they don’t remember how it was on Day One. With this new sovereign citizen movement, we are playing with fire,” she added.

As flames flick out yet again over the streets of Parilt, the capital of Monnarth V, I sign off to a world in turmoil.

This has been Tracy Mills, reporting.

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