BuyMort Brief #12

Wasangti III News – Large Sales with Little Sense Breaks Local Economy

Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

Wasangti III (Universe C64) — Ever since day one,the people of Wasangti III have shown a blatant disregard for the basic rules of trading.

“On day 1, everyone was just selling everything. Sales prices for the planet tumbled, while purchase prices quickly skyrocketed when everyone try to live big on what they got. It was unbelievable,” stated Professor Inter Monefun. “Planets like this, well, they happen, but they almost all stop when prices become meaningless. Imagine selling an entire ocean of water for 10 morties! You have to parcel it out and sell it in bit at a time, or else you get this runaway train of absolute inflation!”

Speaking to reporters Thursday, the richest planet affiliate, Kristina Georgiea Incorporated, stated that the world economy “has been hit by one shock after another″ citing dream storms, plague, and open warfare among the planets many many looters and gangs.

But Propfessor Monefun disagrees. “Reining in rising prices and smaller profit margins requires that behemoths like KG Incorporated stop selling every damn thing they can get their hands on and MortBlocks over,” he said. “If we do not restore price stability, we will, as a planet, die or be forced to go to Storage. Those are the simple facts. Our affiliates need to start caring about our planet and our people, and stop destroying our economy in pursuit of economic dominance.”

The situation has been compounded by affiliate alliances with larger other-worldly affiliates who see this as an opportunity to bulk buy raw materials and good at near-negligible prices. Dearth Conglomerate has even assigned a full level 10 division office dedicated to strip mining the planet, ostensibly to the core.

“The sacrifice of this planet to our affiliate will raise the tides of commerce across the multiverse,” stated a company spokesman. “The standards of all shall rise due to the sacrifice of these few.”

This has been Tracy Mills, reporting.

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