The World of Gimmok

Hey there everybody! Wanted to let you know that, after a long time of not having the time to go back to it, I decided to put my debut book “How to Be an Adventurer” back up on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited.

It had a small but fun heyday, a small handful of fans and detractors. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing in terms of getting the word out there, and not a lot of people read it.

But then I started posting chapters here, and people started reading and liking it. Now, with how busy things have gotten, I want to put it up here. 99 cents on Amazon, available on Kindle Unlimited as well.

The story of Yenrab the Half Orc starts of serious but quickly devolves into a Dnd satire, one that mocks tropes, fortuitiously footnotes, and overall just plays with the genre. A tale based on the real adventures that my Dnd party played with me back when I DMed a campaign.

I love it still. If you read it, and you enjoy it, I hope that you review it. If enough people like it, I can pick it back up and write a second book like I always had wanted to 🙂

Published by Damien Lee Hanson

I am the founder of Damien Hanson Books. Come check out awesome authors right here at my website!

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