The Hell Fire Club…

An unassuming abandoned hunting lodge on Montpelier hill in Dublin. It was believed to be a freemason lodge built around 1725. They didn’t realise that they built the lodge on a cairn with a prehistoric passage grave on the summit.

Now for those not well versed with a cairn and in particular, a passage grave, it is an ancient burial ground with one or more people laid to rest covered in stone and dirt. These structures date from the neolithic age.

Stones from this cairn were taken to build the lodge. When construction was finished a storm blew the roof off.


I think not. But then again I’m a little superstitious and would not disturb a person’s resting place. This was not the last incident either. Stories of debauchery and occult practices came with the Hell Fire club and rumours of demonic manifestations came with the lodge.

Among these rumours, the supernatural followed the Hell Fire club off the lodge when it burned to the ground several years later. When the club moved it was said that a massive black cat haunted them.

Punishment maybe?

In any case, the grounds and the hill are open to the public to walk if they dare.

Would you?


P. S. Look out for my books in the near future.

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