BuyMort Brief #13

The Tyson Dawes Windowpuncher Fan Club – Is It A Danger to Multiversal Youth?

Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

A new and dangerous trend has begun among teens and their developmental equivalents all over the multiverse. The Tyson Dawes Window Puncher Challenge. Designed by fans of the Windowpuncher, a now registered affiliate of BuyMort has begun to encourage fans to reenact their most favorite Windowpuncher moments.

As seen on CTV, youth purchase windows, often from the affiliate itself, and bust through them with their exposed arms, legs, fists, and even sometimes their heads. To entirely predictable injury and parental dismay.

“My son, he’s a good kid,” stated sharecropper Jelfroth Xeroxa. “He never woulda done nothin like this on his own. It’s that Windowpuncher. He’s a real menace.”

Others agree, labeling the punchy and enigmatic Windowpuncher a scoundrel and a fool.

This has been Tracy Mills, reporting.

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