Dawn of the Dead (1978) Retrospective

Braaaaiiiiinnnnsssss oh thats the wrong zombie franchise I actually meant to say let’s take a look back at George Romero’s Brain of the Dead, I mean Dawn of the Dead… Which is a 1978 Zombie horror film, written and directed by the master of zombie horror George Romero. One of the greatest zombie horror moviesContinue reading “Dawn of the Dead (1978) Retrospective”

Highlander Film Series Retrospective

So let’s take a look back at all 5 Highlander films…well 2 in this article… Yep you heard me right there are 5 Highlander films and a TV series which I’m not covering in this video/article because I gotta sleep at some point.  I just rewatched all 5 films over the last few days andContinue reading “Highlander Film Series Retrospective”