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BuyMort Brief #10

BuyMort Brief #10 – Monnarth V Faces Unrest as Local “Government” Attempts to Crackdown on Unmonitored BuyMort Sales

BuyMort Brief #9

Plucky BuyMort Inductee “Nu-Earth” Incredibly Violent, Possibly Insane
Written by: Tracy Mills, NewsCom Multiversal Incorporated

BuyMort Brief #5

Miners On Galaxium Ternate Discover Giant Deposit of Phelpsium — Are Rewarded Immensely

BuyMort Brief #4

Giant Race of Lobsters listens to translated Jordan Peterson, takes Serotonin. Millions dead.

BuyMort Brief #1

New and exciting Affiliate developments on Charber IV (BuyMort Briefs)

Chapter 16: One Big Family

The adventurers figure out their party name while Tracy finds a way to make an easy entry into the city that much more difficult

Chapter 14: Six is a Party!

The bard accidentally speaks hobgoblin and the human must confront the fact that in a fantasy world he is very much differently-abled.

The Tyranny of The Five

Nolan Locke talks about the lore and planes of the Magic: The Gathering universe.

#litrpg #mtg #cardgames #gamelit

Chapter 7: On Track

Chapter 7 of my old debut. It got a lot of reads back in its day but I now look back at it and realize it needs a lot of work from more experienced me lol. Still, it’s fun to share. #gamelit #fantasy #comedy


Article 3 on Nolan Locke’s Magic the Gathering series

Chapter 1: Yenrab the Half-Human

A story I wrote a long time ago. I want to rewrite it, to be honest. So I’m putting it up for people to read and offer suggestions on 🙂 Here’s the first chapter!

The Shoppening

The first two chapter of an upcoming story (and series) called BuyMort


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