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BuyMort Brief #9

Plucky BuyMort Inductee “Nu-Earth” Incredibly Violent, Possibly Insane Written by:…

BuyMort Brief #4

Giant Race of Lobsters listens to translated Jordan Peterson, takes…

BuyMort Brief #1

New and exciting Affiliate developments on Charber IV (BuyMort Briefs)


Article 3 on Nolan Locke’s Magic the Gathering series


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Hello, we are Damien Hanson Books and we are affiliates with the FB Sconnies groups and also with LitRPG Kids. Our authors are well vetted by readers and other authors alike in our reading club. If you would like to join the process, click on the Facebook icon below. I also have my personal Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube up so feel free to check those out and hopefully we’ll see those start growing some fun content as well.

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