Cali Burem

I’m a Zambian author who got my penname from my favourite anime character (switched out a letter but 5 points to Slytherin if you can guess which one).

Things of importance: I love to throw compliments, salt and shade. I hate writing about myself in the third person (though I do believe it’s truly a really way to praise myself without seeming too arrogant. I’ll save you that pain, though.)

I write fantasy (with African myths because they’re legitimately so good and other people need to read them), romance, fairy tales and short horror stories.

Most of my currently published works are romantic comedies because I have a visceral reaction to dumb protagonists who aren’t at least amusing- so I went ahead and wrote some dumb ones who can get a chuckle out, or your money back guaranteed (soon as you sign the refund contract with the resident refund demon).

If I could draw, my works would exist as web comics, which I also read (and I have PLENTY of recommendations). If I could animate, I would be Studio Ghibli-ing my books and being adored by millions (fingers crossed).

If you like stories that are fun, light reading for a good time, try my books šŸ™‚

Books by Cali Burem

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