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Aethermarked – A Royal Road LitRPG by Carric Smith

Once upon a time a woman lived a dull and dreary life. So she uploaded herself into a game. Or so she thought she did. The start of the story is pretty standard LitRPG fare, told masterfully with an eye to detail. But the story, available for free, quickly deviates into a unique and novelContinue reading “Aethermarked – A Royal Road LitRPG by Carric Smith”

Lone Wolf – The Last of the Kai

If you saw that cover, and then saw this title and quivered a little inside, you are here for all of the right reasons. This is a celebration of Lone World, the 1984 GameLit that kicked off a series that would go on to last fourteen years and see the publication of 28 books. AndContinue reading “Lone Wolf – The Last of the Kai”