LC_Gatsu here with “Restart Again”

I like LC_Gatsu’s style. He is a lot like Adam Boozer in that he is very thorough. But unlike Boozer, who sticks to print, Gatsu let’s us all watch and listen, and interlaces his review with some relaxing BGM so if you are like me you can lay back with the headphones on and justContinue reading “LC_Gatsu here with “Restart Again””

Interview with Troy Osgood – Author of Sky Realms Online (and many others)

Damien: Let me start by saying you are a bit of a legend in both the LitRPG author community and the LitRPG reader community. You are someone who goes well out of their way to help noob authors with kind advice, and someone who is always ready with a list of reads applicable to whateverContinue reading “Interview with Troy Osgood – Author of Sky Realms Online (and many others)”

LitRPG Charity Drive by Dave Willmarth

Okay folks, Thanksgiving is approaching once again here in the US, and I have much to be thankful for. Including those of you who have supported me by reading my scribblins! As usual around this time, I am making my final charitable donations for the year. And I like to get you guys involved. NormallyContinue reading “LitRPG Charity Drive by Dave Willmarth”