Kids and Parents, Welcome to 2021’s Online BookFest!

Check out The BookFest: Fall 2021 Oct. 23rd & 24th The BookFest is free to attend. Just go to the website and check out the live stream to watch panels and conversations. Sat. Oct. 23rd is dedicated to readers, and Sun. Oct. 24th is dedicated to writers. The BookFest Fall 2021 Programming The BookFest Conversations are intimate discussions with writersContinue reading “Kids and Parents, Welcome to 2021’s Online BookFest!”

The Machinations of the White Spider – A Tale of Aethermarked

I can tell you this much: nobody gets through the Occulum gates without being noticed. I have a cousin who entered the confictors’ guild out of Corporum, completely changed his face and build. They drew up a full set of papers, this whole intricate backstory backed up by dozens of people. By this point myContinue reading “The Machinations of the White Spider – A Tale of Aethermarked”

How to Rate Books on Amazon

There is something very important to know about Amazon reviews. And let me say preemptively say that this isn’t an angry rant against anyone who reviewed me badly, this isn’t about author pride, nor is it about somehow cheating readers. It is about Amazon’s rating system and the AI algorithms that are involved within. IfContinue reading “How to Rate Books on Amazon”