Super Nobody – A Short Review for a Forgotten Treasure

Super Nobody was written back in 2013 in an era when perma-freeing books was still a thing that Amazon let you do and everyone was still reeling from the election. Super Nobody is great fun for all those bullied kids out there: Michael Washington don’t take no guff from the schoolyard terror. It’s only laterContinue reading “Super Nobody – A Short Review for a Forgotten Treasure”

A New Glitchworld Book is Coming – What?!

I can’t exactly say when, yet, but Nolan and I have another title in the works and it is shaping up to be a real chuckler. You can give the beta version a gander as I put it up on Royal Road under my author account, Give it a read and, please, let usContinue reading “A New Glitchworld Book is Coming – What?!”

Introducing a Children’s LitRPG – Fairy Knights!

Prologue Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest called Strawberry Woods. And what a place Strawberry Woods was! It wasn’t just full of strawberry bushes. It was full of raspberries, blackberries, apples and even blueberries. Better than that, it was full of fairies! And, best of all, it was full of me!! HiContinue reading “Introducing a Children’s LitRPG – Fairy Knights!”

Available on – Glitchworld!

Prelude Gruesome Gary, villain extraordinaire, stumbled back under the blast, his metallic visage strained. He laughed a villainous chortle, his dark cloak billowing about him as his dark rumble shook the ground beneath them. Streaks showed over his body where bits of the villain had melted to slag. Meredith Johnston was impressed. He’d already lastedContinue reading “Available on – Glitchworld!”