Descend – First Steps Book Review

Descend- First Steps is the debut novel of one David Burke or else the new pen name of an existing author. In the world of writing we never know for sure. It starts off novel (teehee) and fresh, reminiscent of that initial tutorial zone from within Primeverse. Descend quickly spins off into its own realm,Continue reading “Descend – First Steps Book Review”

Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Review by Adam Boozer

Someone in LitRPG Books recommended this webnovel. The post was asking for stuff somewhat similar to the premise of Reborn Apocalypse by L. M. Kerr. To me that’s the best cultivation series right now so naturally I was very interested in everything people recommended. There’s not been a volume of Reborn I didn’t like, unlikeContinue reading “Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Review by Adam Boozer”

G-SPOT Issue 2

Dungeons and Dillholes is on preorder! Check us out on Amazon and grab it for the presale price of just $2.99! We’ll be raising the price to $4.99 after preorder ends, but no worries if you miss it because it’ll be on Kindle-Unlimited as well! Preorder here. Also, Glitchworld: Derek, Meredith, Sigourney is free untilContinue reading “G-SPOT Issue 2”

Super Nobody – A Short Review for a Forgotten Treasure

Super Nobody was written back in 2013 in an era when perma-freeing books was still a thing that Amazon let you do and everyone was still reeling from the election. Super Nobody is great fun for all those bullied kids out there: Michael Washington don’t take no guff from the schoolyard terror. It’s only laterContinue reading “Super Nobody – A Short Review for a Forgotten Treasure”