Chapter 3 – Do the Bloobie Freefall

The previous chapter can be found here Rashmi screamed. Then she pointed. Dropping past their ship through the air were Shanaya and some dirty kid, giggling like school children. Ravindra couldn’t help but join their giggles. They were perfectly safe in Prestige Gaming. And the whole point of all of this downtime was to letContinue reading “Chapter 3 – Do the Bloobie Freefall”

Chapter 2 – The Pass of a Lifetime

Chapter 1 started here – “All right ladies and gentlemen,” Tyriah said, “Let’s put them in downtime.” She watched as the coders all sprang into action to shut down further threats the Pradthala family might face, and her leads to the left and right shut down the current threat clocks measuring out the game’sContinue reading “Chapter 2 – The Pass of a Lifetime”

Another Anthology – Get ready for Wayward Wayne

Good news! I’ve been requested to submit another story to another anthology! I’ve taken an idea that I’ve had sitting around about an angry DM, his wife and his best friend, and put it into a short introductory adventure that I hope you will all enjoy. If you read it and you come here pleaseContinue reading “Another Anthology – Get ready for Wayward Wayne”