Ziggurat – Game Review by Joseph Phelps

Ziggurat is a first-person shooter rogue-lite from Milkstone Studios with a fantasy aesthetic that I really vibe on. You play as a mage finishing their training and taking on a lethal final test: the Ziggurat. Plenty of hectic, frenetic action awaits, with magic items to master and hordes of monsters to slay. It’s a shooter,Continue reading “Ziggurat – Game Review by Joseph Phelps”

The Day I Found Mining Very Unlucky

Hey guys it’s me again, today I would interest you in Minecraft. It may sound weird but Minecraft games are in Roblox right now. I’ll show you what I mean This was my private server. I made it because in one of the public servers I lasted a long time before someone taking over myContinue reading “The Day I Found Mining Very Unlucky”