My First Day Of Killing Spiders

I played a game called Kill It With Fire and it was funny. I first started with the tutorial. The tutorial said to grab a clipboard — now you see, the clipboard is an item and there are items hidden in levels. Certain rooms having to be unlocked. And the rooms have trash like books,Continue reading “My First Day Of Killing Spiders”

My First Day as a Agent – An Hour Playthrough of Brook Heaven

Today I decided to try out a new game called Brook Heaven. Since I wasn’t sure what it was exactly other than a role playing game where we all act a part, I started out as an agent. Was it a real job in the game? No. Did that matter? Not really, because people inContinue reading “My First Day as a Agent – An Hour Playthrough of Brook Heaven”

Stoneshard – A Hell of a Game (Game Review by Joseph Phelps)

I’m playing this infuriating little Roguelike right now, and it’s making me really fall in love. Stoneshard is the name, and it’s from developer Ink Stain Games and publisher HypeTrain Digital. This is high challenge gameplay that requires careful management of several aspects of a character, and that complexity is a massive strength for theContinue reading “Stoneshard – A Hell of a Game (Game Review by Joseph Phelps)”