The Binding of Isaac – A Retrospective Game Review by Joseph Phelps

The Binding of Isaac is an awesome little top-down rogue-like with a unique theme. Now that the sequel is kicking down Steam’s doors, it’s time to take a look back at what made the original game so great that it deserves a sequel. I’ll be playing Rebirth, the remaster of the original game, as itContinue reading “The Binding of Isaac – A Retrospective Game Review by Joseph Phelps”

GTA Giant! By Joseph Phelps

Hey there, Joseph Phelps here with some thoughts, some style, and some updates. Let’s start with that last one. Book two is finished and off to the editor—which means I’ve earned myself a sweet little vacay—nope, kidding. I’m starting work on book three in the Blacklight Chronicles, and since everything that happens in the booksContinue reading “GTA Giant! By Joseph Phelps”