The Story of the Glitch

“Wanna write a LitRPG Comedy with me?” These were the words that lead to a wonderful partnership and intense friendship with Nolan Locke, nerd extraordinaire. He’s not exactly a people person, doesn’t like social settings, but when it comes to books he is a like this magical butterfly, flitting about everywhere in the industry, lightingContinue reading “The Story of the Glitch”

Dungeons and Dillholes

The timer counted down to zero, and started into the negatives. Minus one, two, three seconds, and… nothing. Van thought perhaps he’d better inform Hina, but that would mean saying things aloud, and dealing with the inevitable fallout from Graham, after which Chip would get in on the blame Van action. Better to figure outContinue reading “Dungeons and Dillholes”

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