Amy’s Reviews || Wizards and Wives’ Tales

Paula’s life revolves around two things: RPG and her friends. Everything else is secondary… her job, her exercise regimen, finding love. It doesn’t help that she feels like she’s not very good at her job and not the right type of girl to sweep the tall, well-dressed Luis off his feet. Joe is an oceanContinue reading “Amy’s Reviews || Wizards and Wives’ Tales”

LitRPG Reviews 10/10/2021 by SyncSelyrian

Street Cultivation (Street Cultivation Book 1 of 3) by Sarah Lin Rick works as a target dummy at the local fighting gym to provide for his sick sister and himself. When he’s suddenly faced with both a strength boost and a severe power debt he can’t pay off he has no choice but to getContinue reading “LitRPG Reviews 10/10/2021 by SyncSelyrian”