Ziggurat – Game Review by Joseph Phelps

Ziggurat is a first-person shooter rogue-lite from Milkstone Studios with a fantasy aesthetic that I really vibe on. You play as a mage finishing their training and taking on a lethal final test: the Ziggurat. Plenty of hectic, frenetic action awaits, with magic items to master and hordes of monsters to slay. It’s a shooter,Continue reading “Ziggurat – Game Review by Joseph Phelps”

Amy’s Reviews || Letting Go by Carrie Lange

TW: This review contains mentions of intense grief and suicide. Please read with caution if you struggle with these topics. Buckle up. This is a long and difficult review, but my goodness, it’s an important one. When Dan put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, he hoped his life was over. HeContinue reading “Amy’s Reviews || Letting Go by Carrie Lange”

How to Rate Books on Amazon

There is something very important to know about Amazon reviews. And let me say preemptively say that this isn’t an angry rant against anyone who reviewed me badly, this isn’t about author pride, nor is it about somehow cheating readers. It is about Amazon’s rating system and the AI algorithms that are involved within. IfContinue reading “How to Rate Books on Amazon”

Amy’s Reviews || Muck World by CG Lewis

Following the Ever Rain, a global superstorm that melted ice caps, rose sea levels, and forced the survivors to seek higher ground, society exists in makeshifts towns and villages, barely scraping by the best they can in the horrific, muddy circumstances. Civilization as we knew it fell with the rain, and with its fall, dividesContinue reading “Amy’s Reviews || Muck World by CG Lewis”