LitRPG Review 12/8/2021 by SyncSelyrian

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Book 1/2, ongoing [?]) by Patrick Rothfuss Kote is a simple innkeeper, but when monsters start showing up he starts recounting his life story to a chronicler. He grew up as a travelling performer named Kvothe when disaster strikes and he is forced to make his own wayContinue reading “LitRPG Review 12/8/2021 by SyncSelyrian”

LitRPG Review 12/1/2021 by SyncSelyrian

Sufficiently Advanced Magic (Arcane Ascension, Book 1/3, ongoing) by Andrew Rowe Whoever reaches the top of one of the goddesses’ towers is granted a boon. In order to reach it, one needs magical abilities only given to those who pass a potentially deadly test. When Corin’s older brother took this test, he never returned. NowContinue reading “LitRPG Review 12/1/2021 by SyncSelyrian”

LitRPG Review 11/17/2021 by SyncSelyrian

Black Sand Baron (Ripple System Book 2/2, ongoing) by Kyle Kirrin Read the book here! No summary since it’s book two. Book one was part of the last reviews, linked above. This was a fantastic continuation of the first book, just everything you could want from a sequel; more of the same but improved byContinue reading “LitRPG Review 11/17/2021 by SyncSelyrian”