Let Them Come by Joseph Phelps

I’m a huge fan of roguelike games, I think this column would shine light on some of that. The depth of my obsession demands that I consume more than just roguelike, however, so this will be a minor deviation into rougelight territory. The star of this episode is a massively entertaining title called Let ThemContinue reading “Let Them Come by Joseph Phelps”

Aethermarked – A Royal Road LitRPG by Carric Smith

Once upon a time a woman lived a dull and dreary life. So she uploaded herself into a game. Or so she thought she did. The start of the story is pretty standard LitRPG fare, told masterfully with an eye to detail. But the story, available for free, quickly deviates into a unique and novelContinue reading “Aethermarked – A Royal Road LitRPG by Carric Smith”

Noita by Joseph Phelps

Noita is a unique rogue-like experience with strong narratives and fascinating mechanics, centered around power hungry mages and dangerous magics. I found that it had a steep learning curve, but once I wrapped my head around what I was supposed to be doing piece by piece, the game opened up and became a lot ofContinue reading “Noita by Joseph Phelps”