Strange NPC Added to Party, Creeps out Players

Seoul, South Korea, 2020 – When monster hunter Marlboro Glamdor offered his high level services to the party for just one share of the loot, the party was more than shocked. They were ecstatic. “I remember listening to the DM praise his musculature, his rugged beard and glowing magical items over a black leather suitContinue reading “Strange NPC Added to Party, Creeps out Players”

Utterly Incapable Human Beings Seize Seattle, Defeat the Right

Seattle, USA 2020 The Forces of Lieberalism have scored another victory over the Patriots of the US. Not at all taking pages from the playbook of Super-Patriot-Who-Should-Be-King Cliven Bundy, the jobless weakling soyboy soldiers of the Left seized power after driving out the well-jobbed and powerful police soldiers of the Right. They followed their victoryContinue reading “Utterly Incapable Human Beings Seize Seattle, Defeat the Right”

3 Random Thoughts on 3 Random Military Vehicles

It’s an idea I should have passed on but didn’t and now I’m invested. So deal with it. Hell of an attention grabber, eh? 3. The BvS 10 is an All Terrain Armoured Vehicle produced by BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds. What it lacks in deflective slope, reactive armor, battle ability, sensible design and deadliness it makes up for byContinue reading “3 Random Thoughts on 3 Random Military Vehicles”