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We have little hobby projects that we also like to work on. You can find those over at Royal Roads. You have to sign up there or log in with facebook, but the good news is that it is all absolutely free!

AETHERMARKED – Friendless, broken by grief, tired of the real world, Jin-ee represents the perfect candidate for the new on-site 24/7 fully immersive VR sensation, Aethermarked.  Of course becoming Phallania Trevellian is more than she ever dreamed, and more than she asked for. From the moment she submerges into a vat of conductive nanogel and chooses her first spell, she’s captivated at the reality and wonder of the wide magical world around her, a new life so different from what she’d had in the real world. 

That is, until the game refuses to let her out. Jin-ee has no choice but to become her character, and trust that the people behind the game are honestly trying to free her, rather than use her as a televised marketing sensation to drive up sales. As things turn dark, Phallania battles fiends and travels the world all while struggling not just to log out, but even to simply survive.

Warning: Things get dark at times. There might sometimes be content that you find traumatic.

Royal Road

Revealing Project Green – In which several children in 1988 discover that their lives are slowly gamifying, and worse, that fantasy elements of several old school video games are popping to life somehow. Or at least that’s what the author claims happened. Join Donnie, Ritchie and Maya as they uncover the secrets of the silvery goo that’s transforming their small town in California into a roguelike dungeon crawl. 

Olivia, Jimmy, and Grant return to the world of Hero Kids Online, this time with more friends. They are exploring the world of pirates expansion, hunting for treasure, battling and escaping from the pirates, and defending the town of Timbervale from a raid.

Based on the Hero Kids RPG, by Justin Halliday.

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