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We have little hobby projects that we also like to work on. You can find those over at Royal Roads. You have to sign up there or log in with facebook, but the good news is that it is all absolutely free!

Tyson was just your average handyman. The kinda dude that you inevitably find hanging out doing odd jobs at the local trailer park, a couple ragged bucks in their pocket and a jar of change on top of their ancient microwave. That was, of course, until the arrival of BuyMort.

Nanobots of a mercantile sort, the robots of the Shopocalypse, these bad boys set up shop in everything with even an ounce of sapience and installed the only app anyone would ever need to have — BuyMort, the multidimensional monopoly with something for everyone. Priced appropriately in accordance with the market’s desires.

For some it was a nightmare. For others it was a travesty. For Tyson, it was the birth of an empire.

Royal Road

Troublesome gamers. A magical card system. And the body of a goddamn raven.

Oh, plus no idea as to what the hell happened to make him one, or why this halfling bard is trying to kill him.

Welcome to UnFamiliar, the tale of Corbin the Familiar and Prissy the Rogue, unlikely frenemies set to take on a fricking full-on Narnian Apocalypse in Western New York. Plus part of Canada. But they don’t really count.

He knows it won’t be easy to become a human again. He’ll have to eat a lot of eyeballs, level up a bunch of times, and find a… master? Hello? Thirteenth Amendment anyone? Anyways, that’s where a curmudgeonly tiefling ranger comes in.

They’ll face off against ooze wizards, fungus centipedes, marsh yims, and more spiny jiddaras than you can shake a mimic at. It’s gonna take some epic loot, some hella powerful cards, and honestly, they’re gonna need to stop thinking of Charm as a dump stat.

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