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This website is a group of independent author friends who got together to write together and generally have a ball. Check out the drop menu for a list of their works, or click on their pics to see what they have written! Representing works of Scifi, Sword and Sorcery, Post-Apocalypse, LitRPG and Philosophy, I am confident that we can fulfill your reading wants and needs.

Damien is a writer, a gamer and an educator. He lives in Gimpo-Si, South Korea with his wife and son. He likes to meet up with friends and roll dice whenever the opportunity presents itself and is the author of tons of hilarious articles and books.

I highly suggest you read them.

He is also the father of a gifted young child, ten year old author Dean Hanson!

S.McC is a mother of three by day and a budding artist and writer by night.  If she’s not found walking the two doggos, S.McC can be found inside the pages of books or beating her husband on various games.

The love of chocolate and animals keeps S.McC’s imagination wild. Writing stuff when the whimsy takes, in a mixture of various genres for as long as she can remember.

The Elements series is the latest collection in a long list of ideas that have finally turned to words, and now are available as novels. So if you enjoyed this short mystery box story, head on over to amazon to check them out.

In competitive or cooperative video games over thousands of logged hours, Joseph has always sought out unconventional gameplay and created his own fun. He’s the kind of gamer that ensures the ESRB cannot provide appropriate ratings for online games. It’s this type of unusual and amusing gameplay that he brings to the LitRPG and GameLit genres, with wildly aggressive competitive and unconventional single player dynamics at the core of his storytelling. Join him  and find out for yourself.

Dean is a ten year old kid who loves Nerf Guns, Legos, Computer Games and Youtube. He is very creative and he likes to make stories as well as design new things. He hopes to grow up to become an architect.

He loves to gab and play games and you can find him (sometimes with his dad) on Roblox. His name is Chingoo2011 and he looks forward to meeting you.

A.E. Pole was born in Cleveland, Ohio, lived and worked in South Korea for a little over 20 years, and currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey with his wife and twin sons, where he is a full-time father and part-time writer. A.E. was read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as a bedtime story before he started school by his father and has sought adventure ala Merry and Pippin ever since. He first picked up a 20-sided die with his Basic D&D box in the very beginning of the 80s. His adventures have led him to backpack all over Asia from India to Vietnam and most of North America.

Nolan Locke is also a huge nerd and has been into DnD, 7th Sea, Shadowrun, Rifts, Ninjas & Superspies, Furry Kingdoms, Blades in the Dark, Star Wars, Aethermarked, Kids on Bikes, Blimpleggers and others, since around 1992. Only some of those are made up games. He enjoys playing and GM-ing pretty equally, which is conclusive proof that he’s not a made up human.

Not coincidentally, he also lives just outside Seoul, Korea with his wife and son.

But he’s totally a separate person, who exists.

Dames Handsome is a teacher who loves making stories for the younger ones. A small town Wisconsin native, he found his passion for teaching and writing in college and made a vow to find a way to pursue it. When a private school in Korea offered him a one-year contract, he seized the opportunity and left his corporate job with Dell computers. He taught kindergarten at first, then an array of ages, mostly elementary.

Dames believes that every book has a lesson. Based on a role-playing game he and his wife created for their young son, his captivating Fairy Knights children’s book series is ideal for creative adults who want to see the children in their lives explore, have fun, and level-up when they read.

Dames Handsome currently resides in South Korea together with his family.

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