Amy’s Reviews || Crave by Tracy Wolff

Grace’s entire life changed the moment she stepped inside the academy. Surrounded by strange students that are either obsessed with her, want her dead, or both, navigating the halls of high school has never been more complicated. Top it all off with Jaxon Vega, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. He’s a vampire withContinue reading “Amy’s Reviews || Crave by Tracy Wolff”

Amy’s Reviews || Cells by Julia Cowan

When James Hall wakes up in a dark, doorless, concrete box with no clue of how he got there or where “there” is, he has no idea that this is just the beginning of his problems. The truth unravels itself slowly: this is an unofficial, covert prison designed by two twisted minds to remove offendersContinue reading “Amy’s Reviews || Cells by Julia Cowan”

Amy’s Reviews || Reliance by Paul McMurrough

A crisis looms on the horizon. Professor Martin Monroe has predicted that a massive solar flare is on a direct path for Earth. The result will be a global power outage.  Cell towers, power grids, water systems, prisons— nothing will be left untouched.  How will the world handle this disaster?  Style: First of all, McMurroughContinue reading “Amy’s Reviews || Reliance by Paul McMurrough”