How to Rate Books on Amazon

There is something very important to know about Amazon reviews. And let me say preemptively say that this isn’t an angry rant against anyone who reviewed me badly, this isn’t about author pride, nor is it about somehow cheating readers. It is about Amazon’s rating system and the AI algorithms that are involved within. IfContinue reading “How to Rate Books on Amazon”

Stoneshard – A Hell of a Game (Game Review by Joseph Phelps)

I’m playing this infuriating little Roguelike right now, and it’s making me really fall in love. Stoneshard is the name, and it’s from developer Ink Stain Games and publisher HypeTrain Digital. This is high challenge gameplay that requires careful management of several aspects of a character, and that complexity is a massive strength for theContinue reading “Stoneshard – A Hell of a Game (Game Review by Joseph Phelps)”